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March 3, 2023, 2:48 p.m. -  XXX_er

I would bet you the service managers ^^ didnt know how to help you ? I believe there are products out there that will let you hack for more speed like " Stunlocker " but I don't know what that would do for your warranty ? So that magnet under 2 screws on the rear brake rotor tells the motor how fast I am going, hacking it wouldn't make the EP8 produce more power, it would just allow the bike to go faster. I'm getting just under 32kph on a canadian spec Bullit , mo power would be cool but really I don't need to go any faster on the local trails built to the whistler bike park spec, you might want more speed ( as oposed to power) on the road to keep up with those other guys . I suggest you check out & become a member of the " Shimano EP8 owners group" on FB, they still have wankers of course but they are different than the wankers here, so you can brag about how old you are, also a  good chance to learn the the new terminology like "sod it" " brick it " " cheers mate " any other british euphenisms you might know will be handy mate

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