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March 3, 2023, 12:25 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I get very nervous talking about the fit of products like helmets and gloves for folks that are ordering them versus trying them on and I have a really good reason in this case. I have two pairs of Briskers that both fit me well; one says M and the other says L. The pair that are M are either the largest mediums on the market, or, were mislabelled and carded wrong.  Where size L Leatt gloves historically don't fit me well (tight in some places, long in the fingers, baggy in other places) and the medium is impossibly small, these WindBlock 2.0s fit like the proverbial glove.  Put another way, if you're happy with a large Brisker my best guess would be that the large WindBlock would also be your size. BUT, if you do try a pair on I'd love to hear your feedback on that.

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