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March 3, 2023, 9:51 a.m. -  BarryW

I'm actually trying to have a decent discussion here guys.  And I'm frankly blown away that several of you seem to have no issue with bringing a motor along on a kayaking day. Quite literally no one else has ever taken it that way. So let me clear it up, there are campsites all over that are human powered or 'beachable sail craft' only. You cannot use them with ANY powered vessel. And no one is harmed by that, no one really has any issues with that. Mostly because it's clear these are not for motorized use.  On our mountain bike trails the ebike crowd seems to have little trouble making rules about who and what gets to use them, but they always assume that their ebikes are within that circle of approval. I'm asking why that is.  Why do you see the 'obvious' difference between motorcycles (high powered) and powered bicycles (low powered)? Both are powered, the components do not define that.  My kayaking friends are in no way assholes, instead they are fairly defending what their sport is. They go out for kayaking. And if you can keep up, handle the conditions we paddle in, and not use a motor pretty much anyone can come. Row boat, peddle kayak, whatever. But you can't come along with us using a motor because that's a different sport.  Why is that bad to you? Why are your limits (of no ice motorcycles, no electric motorcycles, no side by sides, etc) okay and the idea that a bicycle is not powered problematic to you? As to why it's problematic to me, here goes.  As a proponent of human powered sport I go I to the woods knowing that the harder I work, the more remote I go the fewer and fewer people I will run into. Not because I hate people, but because I want that true wild place that few people get to. And when someone comes along that has not put in the work it diminishes the value of the work.  Put another way, why does no one here worry about disabled backcountry skiers? Why don't we accept snowmobiles for them in human powered only backcountry areas? Do we cry 'discrimination' and allow powered skis? Of course not, because that would be preposterous.  I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm trying to have a civil and reasoned discussion. Please engage on these points.

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