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March 3, 2023, 6:54 a.m. -  BarryW

No, it's the obvious logic. It isn't even a stretch. There are a ton of different types of motorcycles, with vastly different use cases, componentry and the like. Yet all have motors. Therefore all are motorized cycles, aka... Motorcycle.  Why is this even hard?  I'll admit they are not same, same. But neither is any ebike the same as a regular old human powered bicycle. In what way are these not mopeds? Because they easily and obviously fit that definition. In what way are these not motorcycles? Because they easily and obviously fit that definition as well. You're playing a different sport, and I'm not saying you're a bad person for it, and I know it is super fun.  But it isn't the same sport, it's very, very different and should be considered as such.  And to take the analogy to another sport, let's try this: I paddle sea kayaks a lot, and as noted I've spent a lot of time recovering from some serious medical issues, and therefore couldn't kayak for some time. What if I didn't accept that and insisted on taking my canoe, mounting my little 5hp outboard on it and coming along on a sea kayak paddle? Obviously no one in that human powered sport would accept that, and if it was an overnight trip I could not stay at any human powered only campsites.  And why not? Because it isn't kayaking. It isn't human powered, therefore it's different. Explain I'm illogical, ins of just saying it and trying to dismiss offhand.

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