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March 3, 2023, 6:18 a.m. -  mikeynets

I live in a pretty temperate part of NorCal but last week we got a few inches of snow on our highest peaks and of course I had to go ride. It was raining hard for the approach up to 1200ft elevation and then snowing and cold (for here) up to 2500ft. 3 pairs of completely soaked and decidedly not-winter gloves later, my hands were numb and shifting and braking were an adventure. So I just bought pairs of 100% Hydromatics and Fox Defend Fire Pro. Worn in the house for sizing, but can still return. I'm wondering if you have any experience with either and how you'd rate those to these new Leatts? Sounds like the 100% Hydromatic is similar to the SubZero and the Fox glove similar to the Windblock.  Our winters can be pretty wet, but rarely cold. I prioritize water protection over insulation for most winter rides, but for those rare wet and very cold days, I'd like to have something in the pack for that too.

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