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March 2, 2023, 9:47 p.m. -  BarryW

"Some need it because they have debilitating issues with their bodies" So if I take a paralyzed friend down a mtb trail in a side by side that would be okay?  Obviously not.  So let's stop pretending that this is an excuse. Sorry but all people cannot do all things. We don't allow disabled skiers to ride around on snowmobiles right? You just maybe can't ski. And I say this as someone that has spent 3 months of the last year recovering from a total colon removal, a year of wearing an ostomy bag and just after last Christmas a reconnection. Sure it sucks to be laid up, but it isn't okay to borrow a Jeep and drive down mtb trails.  Remember folks, if you take any idea to its logical conclusion and it becomes insane... It wasn't logical to begin with.

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