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March 2, 2023, 9:41 p.m. -  BarryW

Electric bicycles are motorized bicycles, also know as 'motorcycles'.  Really wish we could stick with mountain biking on here.  As for the issue Pete brought up that because ebikes and bicycles basically use the same parts so they are all bikes is silly.  Motocross bikes use tubeless tires, double crown forks, chains, sprockets, hydraulic (non-powered) brakes, spoked wheels. How come they aren't considered the same? You only believe the ebike story because it's being sold by bike brands.  Why aren't you okay with a SurRon on the trails? And how can you consider them different? Because you need to pedal yours? I can guarantee you wouldn't be okay with a gas powered moped on mtb trails.  Bicycles don't have motors. Mountain bikes aren't motorized. That's a different (and quite possibly delightful sport) but it isn't bicycling.

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