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March 2, 2023, 12:10 p.m. -  XXX_er

I bought an SC Bullit 2 seasons ago cuz of injury/ old age, its a lot of fun, but it was 11.5 K for the "entry" level package, so I can not  really see how Canyon can justify the 16K ( the flight attendant ?) while these things are expensive, i didnt really notice a worthy spec  on the tested bike to warrant 16K? , you can get into a mtn bike with real parts for 9 K  but SC or Yeti or Norco start at 12 ish and  with all the good stuff could be closer to 20K . I did check around the local area to see whom an E-bike was going to piss off but outside of old hikers who are pissed off at acoustic bikers anyway it was not an issue So cha-ching, IME what happens is i just ride E-bike more and actulay riding an E-bike at 80 rpm will put me in zone 2 so I just ride further/longer and I actualy lose weight. Speaking to the buying on-line thing, I have bought bikes not at the LBS and i can work on an acoustic bike no problem but add in the motor and its a whole nuther level of FUBAR. I know a local guy buys an unnamed popular brand of bike with the EP8 from a distributor and it dies in 6 rides, the motor does get replaced on warranty but that was 2 months later, also local buddy gets a 400 labor bill for replacing the motor becuz the dealer who fixed but did not sell the bike, there was no way to charge back the labor to Shimano or to the bike mfger, if the dealer had sold the bike it would just be after sales service, the dealer did feel bad but not bad enough to eat the 400$ labour charge I wanked about with the dreaded E010 error code intermittently for almost a season, I finaly figured out on my own that I needed a firmware update ( the second firmware update )which is easy to do with E-tube using my phone, but there were no bulletins from Shimano to the dealer or to users so they never said a word anywhere that i could see on the internet. There are 5 piece of firmware in an EP8 so make no mistake it is a computer with 2 wheels, Shimano sold me a computer with wheels and they suck at the support aspect of being a computer company, I don't think Shimano have a handle on it SO becuz of the motor imo people looking to buy an E-bike might want to think about buying it from the LBS with whom they have a relationship ??? Who will probably have SFA of an idea how to fix your computer but maybe it will end up costing you less

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