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Feb. 27, 2023, 6:18 p.m. -  lando406

I appreciate the response. I am certainly an advocate for spending on the most important piece of safety equipment bike riders should care about — the helmet. And as someone who has endured many concussions, I’m especially considerate of what I’m wearing. As a consumer, it’s a bit frustrating, as you referenced in your response when it comes to brain protection—almost every write up I’ve read about brain protection tech is full of caveats and “it depends on the situation” explanations. There does seem to be a couple helmet manufacturers (Kali and 6D) who believe that the current standard of foam hardness used in helmets today is too hard, and that softer materials would work better to dissipate energy that reaches the brain in a crash, and their explanations seem convincing.  I do hope that in the coming years protection companies find materials and testing standards that can provide better brain protection that is verifiable.

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