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Jan. 11, 2017, 5:22 p.m. -  Esteban

#!markdown Sorry, not fixated on anything, just trying to understand all of this; in my country we don't have ex professo bike trails. We just go to the nearest mountain/volcano and ride, and we do it alongside runners, hikers, hikers with dogs, and sometimes motocross and quad vehicles. I agree that how you get to the trail is irrelevant (not a "leap of logic"; it's a logical fallacy called a "non sequitur") and what you're advocating is only what happens on the trail. So, if ebikes could demonstrate they cause similar trail degradation impact as regular bikes, then it would be ok for them to ride the trails? I haven't ridden one, of course, but are they really that much destructive? You see everyone locking the rear wheel in tight turns, for instance. Also, it seems to me that the difference of speeds is a non-issue because it only applies climbing, when everyone has right of way, or on wide, flat terrain, where it doesn't matter. (Again, I'm talking of what I can imagine, I haven't seen one in the wild and I don't think it'll happen anytime soon: the dentists that can afford them here don't go to the mountains, so I'll see them first in bike-way parks… were it's much, much more likely they'd cause accidents because of speed difference! Actually, let me just ask our local "park" administration what the hell do they think about ebikes in those parks!)

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