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Feb. 21, 2023, 7:55 p.m. -  Martin

Unless things have changed since my last oil change in October, Canadian Tire still accept all oils and filters in their green containers outside the stores (in Quebec at least). I just pour mineral oil/ motor oil/coolant or whatever else in that category into containers and sharpie what's in them on the container. What happens after that I don't know, but they take it back.  I've sold or given away most of my old tires and give away some still good parts to a local "bike recycling" place. They take what's good and dispose of what they don't need, but at least they can salvage some stuff. Usually my old parts are still usable as I take care of my stuff. I find that nowadays, when I buy something I always think about the long term keeping of those things, and it's probably why I don't buy useless stuff and why it takes me so long to decide on what to buy. I'm the kind of guy to clean his winter boots after the snow has melted and puts then back in their box for next winter. I gave away my 10 year old boots this winter because my arch had flattened and my feet got longer (true story, I had to replace all my shoes!). My next project is to replace the leather on my 12 year-old WTB Devo saddle since it's still good and I like the shape. I just need to find some cover material and a few hours.

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