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Feb. 20, 2023, 1:15 p.m. -  DanL

I made a B-Line (geddit?) to the Dainese table at Crankworx as I've been following in Dainese's entry to mtb products after wearing their gear for motorcycling and seeing their tech progressions in MotoGP safety equipment. Next year you should be able to find them easily-er as according the their rep, apparently, they're going to bring a Ducati GP bike and start it up at midday every day, for whatever that's worth... Like Briain said, the pads swapping in and out really made it a win. I could get it as comparably snug as my 7iDP fullface but with the very weird feeling of wearing a lot less which takes getting used to when mentally considering protection. I'd love to ride in one but only got the chance to run around near the stand and shake my head around. I'd rather have had D-rings but that's my preference and muscle memory, fidlock is just as good. All it needs is a Valentino Rossi replica paintjob and I'd be pre-ordering.

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