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Feb. 20, 2023, 6:20 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

Head safety is a complex topic with few easy answers. So assuming there is a trade off here between lighter weight and better impact protection \[_it's not clear that that is a choice you are making, but assuming it is_\] the net safety impact might still favour the lighter helmet. Less momentum acting on the head/neck could be beneficial in a number of possible scenarios. Even just in terms of rider fatigue and degraded bike handling skills. My own take on helmets is wear something reasonable, but focus on not hitting your head into the ground as the \#1 priority. I don't recall ever damaging a helmet in a crash. I know it's not possible to totally control crash outcomes. hence why I do wear a helmet, but I do think that for recreational riders there are a ton of choices you can make to reduce that risk. I treat the helmet like a bulletproof vest. It could well save my life, but I'm going to do everything possible not to find out. On one hand you can say that's easier said than done with a kid on the other hand they have to learn stuff like that at some point so the earlier the better. I know adults who only start to really understand the problem as they rack up concussions and then it's hard to change how they think/act. It's easy to put too much reliance/faith into helmets in a sport like mountain biking. It's great that Abus is making a quality kid specific helmet option so you have a choice to make here.

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