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Jan. 11, 2017, 5:37 p.m. -  Lee Lau

#!markdown I've not spent time much biking in Mexico and then only in Baja. I would like to go to Oaxaca but haven't gotten to it yet so excuse me if I'm assuming too much. The Mexicans I've met riding tell me that there aren't that many bikes on most trail areas and there isn't that much trail conflict. So if that's the case I can definitely see your point of view. I don't know about the erosion effects not having ridden them long enough and having no experience in a heavily e-biked area. Having ridden a pedelec, a Bionicon, a Lev (and some other brand I can't recall) I know e-bikes will mean trails get ridden in a different way. Is it a better way or would it cause issues? I don't know - that's way too specific to a trail system. I suspect the speed difference climbing will cause issues because of human nature; closing speeds between climbers and descenders (or hikers/bikers) on traditional two way trails will increase and some people using e-bikes will be assholes and will buzz others. I agree that's not a problem unique to ebikes but generic to humans. My concern is that the LMs and other trail groups will have negative perceptions to ebikes - lumping them in with motorized. And that this negative perception will spill over to mountain bikes.

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