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Feb. 5, 2023, 10:57 a.m. -  Martini Omron

OOhhhhhhh....always bashing "lower level" products....please only give an opinion if you have ACTUALLY TRIED such exact product...and it is set up correctly.  Clarks have regularly won "best in show" for the price/value.  I have had mags/slx/xt/xtr and formulas on my racing setup.  I am now the proud owner of a kings peak and the Clarks are friggin FINE if not quite GOOD...  Much better than past lower tektros and I would rate them equal to deore.  SO all you bourgeoisie whiners shut it till you try it...and make it the same model hey? Xt 8000 were some of the worst brakes I ever had....but I don't bash them...I think they were defective...always a maybe out there. As to the bike itself.  After riding SS and a geared banshee paradox I actually wanted to slow down!  The fezz handles all of NC trails from pisgah to the beach with was this, norco or the blizzard for geo....but can't go wrong with any.  Smell the roses, give your wrists a break, buy lots of aluminum water bottle bolts.

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