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Feb. 3, 2023, 9:06 a.m. -  cyclotoine

I sold my '04 Tacoma because it was pretty impractical. Couldn't tow much and the extended cab was really just a cargo area (which is a function, I admit). The '02 Tundra I replaced it with is much more practical. Its an extended cab, fits my kids seats in the back, gets the same highway mileage at the Tacoma, can fit a reasonable load of firewood and pulls our ~4000 lbs fiberglass camper trailer nicely (something I definitely wouldn't do in the Tacoma - people look at towing capacity without thinking about payload and overload their little trucks all the time).  People who own first gen Tundras know that tacomas are way overrated. The 4.7LV8 is a motor that is becoming legendary in it's reliability and longevity and the tundras are way more useful trucks... calling a 1st gen tacoma practical is actually pretty hilarious when I think about it... maybe as a commuter for people who want a truck but none of the practical uses of an actual truck.... so yeah the taco is a fine city truck but has limited practicality in my opinion.

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