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Jan. 25, 2023, 4:58 p.m. -  Ride.DMC

You mention that the cut of these clothes are slim & race oriented - I'd call that an understatement for MTB specific clothing in general. LOL. When I buy casual pants from any of the traditional retailers, I wear a size medium.  When I buy MTB specific pants I'm either a L or XL - or as Sombrio used to call my preferred size back in the day "Clydesdale". Thanks Sombrio! When I bought a pair of DP3's and noticed that the waist has no fasteners (i.e. no adjustments) I upsized to the XL.  They fit me fine, but knowing what I know now, if I order another pair of NF pants I will stick with the L.  The waistband may not be adjustable in the traditional sense - but the elastic is stretchy enough that the size L would easily accommodate my 34" - 35" waist. And it is robust enough that I am not worried about it breaking down and losing it's elasticity before the rest of the pants have come to the end of their service life.

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