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Jan. 25, 2023, 8:10 a.m. -  Mammal

The resonates, right to the core. I spent the bulk of my 20's working away for the sole purpose of racing DH bikes through the summer. When I begrudgingly went to post-secondary after getting about as far as I could with DH racing, I still kept the last race bike I had, but began a new chapter of increased exploration on trail bikes. It's all I had time for, and presented something new. And explore I did, riding zones all over the Island, trips with mainland friends to Tenquille, Chilcotins, 7 Summits. I convinced myself that DH bikes were dead, I was much better without the lift lines and bro-fests that came with the pure gravity side of the sport Then I eventually moved to the mainland, joining the same friends I'd spent racing summers with, and found out some of them are still keeping the flame burning. Enough exposure that I hauled that 2007 Norco DH out of the closet, and found the finest/cheapest/most current used frame that I could bolt most of my parts to. Turns out the last 26" Aurum was surprisingly current, aside from chain stay length and wheel size, and affordable. The flame was lit, but I needed to appease my practical side, this 3rd mtb had to fit the budget.  Weekly shuttle/bbq days, the odd day or 5 at Whistler, boys trips out to Merritt, the fire was now well past the incipient stage. It turns out that I just love smashing proper terrain with dedicated DH weapons, there's no other feeling like it for me. Right back to my 20's, every time. Eyes always on the buy'n'sell for the next affordable 2.0 update, this past holiday season brought me a '16 Aurum Carbon frame, again, most of my stuff swaps over. It's perfect. Fit and performance leave nothing to be desired. My time portal to 25yo me.

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