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Jan. 20, 2023, 12:22 p.m. -  Kyle Dixon

Hi Eric, I run a 29x2.6 Argotal Trail Endurance Ft/ 29x2.4 Kryptotal Re Trail Endurance combo on my AL29er Tyee. No inserts. Tubeless. 28psi Rear, 25 front.  I took the risk of stepping out from the house of Maxxis when I built up the Tyee and had a solid week of riding them on a trip to Pisgah NC before a nothing crash broke my fibula (not tyre related at all) and ended my test period for oh about 6 to 8 weeks. I Can report that both the Argotal and Kryptotal in the Endurance compound have a staggering amount of grip in a myriad of conditions beyond their stated uses. Despite being the harder of the three compounds, Low speed handling was great. The Argos and Kryptos demonstrated no glaring signs of breaking traction on a slow crawl down some fairly impressive slabs in both the wet and the dry.  High Speed grip and performance was admirable as well and despite a weeks worth of rain previous, the muddy chaos of some of the new tracks at Ride Rock Creek (Neko Mulallys new park in NC) wasnt enough to slow either tyre down. They both shed the sticky clay heavy mud with ease, maintaining solid purchase on the soil below, and ran beautifully on the super smooth groomed berms on their flow trails, with no sketchy vagueness moving from center to shoulder knobs when pushing the front wheel hard into hot corners. The Kryptotal RE out back did its job admirably despite being wailed on by a 6'3" 225lb Clydesdale. Only breaking loose into a slide when I pushed it to it, otherwise it was dependable in the back with oodles of bite whenever I hauled on the anchors.  As for wear, despite 7 days hard riding from sun up til sun down, the hairs from the tyre moulds are still mostly on the entire tread. Endurance indeed. And despite fighting with many rock gardens, none of the cornering knobs tore nor show signs of degradation. Now I know its only 7 days, but the last 3C MaxxGrip Dissector I ran made it 3 days of park laps before it looked like an Ikon... further durability testing on the rocks of the Canadian shield will resume once the doc says I can go play bikes in the woods again.  Weather overall on the trip varied from -7°c to daily highs of 15°c, and even with the broad swing, I didnt notice a vast and drastic difference in the tyres grip or damping feel.  The Only con I have found so far is mounting the tyres. The beads are hellishly tight even with all the tricks in the book. And the ping when they seat is a very "did I just Die" when seating the bead with a compressor.  Overall I am very happy about the performance and price of these new Contis, even if my tyre combo sounds like a pair of mythological Greek drug dealers. I dont think Ill be going back to the Big M any time soon. I think with either the Kryptotal FR or Argotal you will be very pleased over the tried and tested Assguy.  Cheers,  Kyle

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