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Jan. 19, 2023, 8:25 a.m. -  Justin White

For a time, I wondered why I heard such terrible reviews of Conti tires, then I realized that the riders who didn't like them definitely couldn't tell you what casing or compound they had, which tells me they probably had the "sport" tires, which were terrible at holding air/sealant, quite floppy, and slippery. I got some cheap ones accidentally \[blinded by a sale price\] and it's definitely a different level to Protection Apex. Didn't realize those best-est models were only made in Germany: top-end Trail King 2.4 Pro Apex was my friend, did everything together; but I sure mangled some cheap ones. Looking forward to trying some Kryptos or Argos soonish, sounds like they are quality stuff; maybe it'll dethrone the Butcher/Eliminator mix, or at least be an option. My rear Butcher Blck Dmnd is about halfway to dead, I should by a new tire (or set) to match up with the pending new wheel build...

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