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Jan. 18, 2023, 12:32 p.m. -  DanL

What a lovely bike and article, Andrew, thanks! The 2015 process 153 was my first "proper" and first expensive FS bike. Although it's definitely coloured by that nostalgia, it was an excellent bike for me to progress on and importantly, learn to work on. Big easy bearings which pressed in/pulled out in a straightforwards manner, forks that taught me lowers servicing easily, no internal routing, lots of opportunities to play with drivetrains and the I could upgrade/ tryout several parts when I could sniper them in secondhand deals. Great customer/technical service from Kona as well which really helped too. Very playful to ride, side hits and jumps were a joy, it was a little flexy in some situations but that could also be used to pop out of corners sometimes and it held up well in WBP as well as the rest of the sea to sky - well it had to, it was my only bike. I was stoked to sell it on to a kid who was just as excited as I was when I bought it. I'm not a big fan of the current Kona process lineup though which seems to have gone a bit ugly if you're not buying a plastic frame.

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