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June 12, 2015, 11:26 p.m. -  Speedster

#!markdown My son's confidence and skill level went up with this bike. He got it for his 9th birthday a few weeks ago. He's loving it and like Omar said, it's easy to get stoked along with him when he's having fun. It is a little heavy, but he's climbing things he didn't climb previously on his Trek hard tail. He knows that his bike isn't holding him back. We can't wait to do some DH with this thing to see how he progresses. He should fit this for at least 2 maybe 3 years, and I think I can sell it for $1100-1200, so for a few hundred dollars investment in my kid, we're ripping trails together! I did get a bit off of the MSRP too, so that helps. About 12 years ago, when my older son was his age, Giant made the MTX 24″ dually. I hot-rodded it with a 26″ take-off Manitou XC fork and a cable actuated disc brake, and he thought he was the schizznit then! The rear shock sucked, and he constantly bottomed the thing, but it was better than nothing! That bike went through at least 1 other kid, if not more.

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