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Jan. 17, 2023, 9:33 a.m. -  AndrewR

Totally agree, the pre-2018 issue was a slight casing size (ISO vs ETRO standard) mis-match with tubeless that really only applied to lower quality rims or rims with a certain hookless profile. The tyre would be a few thou 'too loose' and burb easily especially if one is a braaper rather than a carver. Decent set up with the correct rim tape thickness easily 'solved' this. Good rims like We Are One, NOBL and DT Swiss did not have this issue. And because the casings are lighter (1050 gr tyre versus a 1300 gr tyre) a rider who is hard on their tyres could warp the casing. but probably less than 1% of riders have the strength, speed and skill to do that to the tyre. Post 2018 all the German made tyres (Protection APEX) are excellent. The only sadness was they discontinued the Trail King DH Casing which was an awesome bike park tyre.  Because they are slightly lighter construction they are also more sensitive to proper tyre pressures to find the true limit of their capabilities. Along with correct suspension set up, bike maintenance and running 35 mm bars that are too wide for their arm span, 95% of riders cannot be arsed to do the laps required to find their best tyre pressure.

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