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Jan. 17, 2023, 8:11 a.m. -  Martin

Same here. That's why I've been running the Gen3 E13 TRS tires in Mopo compound but trail casing (1050g). Cushcore rear though (+250g), but I've never had any problem with casing durability or flats. In the front I'm running the same but with a Tubolito tube. Again, no flats in 2 seasons on the same tire/tube. Unfortunately, E13 stopped making that version and it's now a 1200g tire. I'll be running the Contis on my hardtail without inserts and the E13 on my full-suspension bike to see which feel I prefer (1050g casing + 250g insert VS 1200-1300g tire without insert) (those wheelsets will be interchangeable on both bikes to compare). I guess at some point Conti will make the lighter versions in sticky compounds, at least I'm hoping even if they say that they don't plan to for now.

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