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Jan. 4, 2023, 4:37 a.m. -  kcy4130

Trail clearance isn't the only advantage of thin pedals. The thinner it is the closer ones shoe is to the axle and thus more force can be applied parallel to the pedal body before the pedal will roll under ones foot. Applying more force is good for climbing pushing pedal forward as it goes past 12 o clock and back as it goes past 6. When you have feet flat (i.e. heels not dropped) and unexpectedly hit something that slows or stops you, is the other time when the pedal can roll underfoot. Sometimes the pedal end up under your heel, sometimes it'll rake up the back of your calf. This seemed to happen a lot to me back when pedals were extra thick and shoes were not so grippy. Longer platforms also help reduce the roll.

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