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Dec. 14, 2022, 9:15 a.m. -  Justin White

"The part that sends me back to flats is the cornering feel." Hell yeah! Especially if, like me, the trails you have the easiest access to (out the front door) don't have much for elevation or obstacles but do have lots and lots of turns, flats is the way. Just so many options with how you can try silly fun stuff through those corners (and the random rock or log take-offs and buttress-root side-hits) if you're not clipped in. Dive in hot to the flat decreasing radius corner and let the front push a bit, twist your feet to move your hips more and find some traction, enjoy the catch and slingshot out. Take the inside line on the off-camber, throw a foot out and let the back get loose on the way out. And yes, I know many people \[claim they\] can unclip and go foot-out-flat-out and clip back in without noticable delay, but I think it's more the subconscious knowing that it will take fractions of seconds longer and it will actually take some energy, both physical and nervous-system (even "muscle-memory" takes some nerve processing power). But the amount of tappy-tap-taps I hear out on the trail tells me most people can't or don't ever clip back in all that fast. That delay definitely affects line choice. Your brain doesn't want you to unclip and reclip, and so will just steer you towards the smoothest line least likely to cause anything. On flats you're more "free" to ride every corner however you feel, which minimizes the "boring trail" aspect (I honestly think that if you find an actual "trail" boring, you're the boring one).

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