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Dec. 6, 2022, 4:31 p.m. -  hankthespacecowboy

On the thin kerf / battery saw blues : I recently purchased a Stihl MSA 120 after trying a fellow trailbuilder’s 140. It’s become my favorite saw for clearing corridor in high desert pinyon & juniper. It uses a more standard size chain & bar, and I am about half a dozen battery re-charges in on the stock chain without any re-sharpening love. On cuts longer than 6”, it now states to demonstrate some drift. Remembering to check the oil has been the biggest challenge, as the battery generally out last the oil capacity. In the spirit of min-maxing, I went for the cheapest, lightest saw, and spurlged on extra, larger capacity batteries, which had really played to the saw’s strength. No, you are not going to fell trees, or buck up firewood, but not having to carry gas, and having a noticeably lighter saw package has made it my go-to choice in the high desert.

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