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Dec. 6, 2022, 10:04 a.m. -  KawaBunghole

I have the DeWALT 12"... great little saw. Couple things I've learned: \- One workaround for the leaking bar oil issue is to store the saw on its side with the filler cap facing up. Some owners have claimed success with adding an o-ring to the cap, but I don't know what size to use or if this is effective. \- I looked into sharpening the factory chain once it got dull, but found that it requires a slightly uncommon file size (4.5mm). Also, the kerf is unusually thin (0.43"). Thankfully, the bar is easily and economically replaceable with one made by Oregon. You can fit a much more standard 0.50" kerf chain on a new bar, and even increase the bar length to 14" or 16" if you want. And those wider chains can be sharpened with a much more common 5/32" file.

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