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Nov. 26, 2022, 8:26 a.m. -  AndrewR

It is definitely possible but I am guessing that was a product spec manager's decision that probably applied to their entire production for that model for that year. I am sure if a certain brand said "the general feed back is that this model bike should have a 30T, so let's tweak the linkage or the shock to suit (because 4-5% is a lot to an engineer and those riders who can feel the difference) so let's order all of next year's cranksets with 30T chain rings" that either of the big brands (and definitely the smaller brands) would happily ship a bulk consignment of cranksets with 30T chain rings fitted. I am by no means a shop and, as a couple, we would not qualify as "bicycle crazy" (no gravel, road or pub cruisers in the garage) and I have four or five 32T 'take offs' sitting in my "mountain bike part zombie apocalypse" box. And they are a tough sell (in BC/ AB) on the usual bike/ parts buy/ sell forums.  It would be interesting to hear the experience from someone who works in the mechanic/ parts aspect of a bike shop (I am only involved as a guide - so sure I recommend and help sell stuff to customers but I don't get involved in inventory and ordering).

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