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Nov. 26, 2022, 8:18 a.m. -  AndrewR

The cable compartment is a great idea (anything that means I can swap a rear brake without cutting off the olive, because that is the only way of getting the compression nut off the hose, thereby rendering the perfect length hose too short for re-installing on the same bike! Great idea - the person that invented that should have 1 cm snipped off somewhere important and report on how good that works out for them!!!) except this one is unimaginably biased towards the non-moto set up.  That said I would rather have to be more careful in running the 'loop' for my rear brake (which is on the left ovs) and have external routing than have to deal with internal cable routing.  There are no appreciable aerodynamic factors in mountain biking except at the very sharp end of a very small field that is the top ten WC DH racers on certain tracks in certain weather conditions, ergo there are no appreciable benefits to internal routing for the general public, even the manufacturers admit it is harder to build a frame to QC standards if it has internal routing. And anyone running a mechanical RD also has the pfaff of running a new cable outer when the old one wears out. And for everyone that is hitting their keyboard to tell me about how internal routing revolutionised the dropper - ah it actually didn't and since they invented a little thing called AXS Reverb I don't need any routing for my dropper

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