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June 19, 2015, 4:04 p.m. -  Sam H.

#!markdown Sure, and I didn't mean to imply that NSMB acted in any way improperly, or gave additional credence to his story due to his role, but the fact remains that stories which find their way onto high-traffic news sites get quick responses from companies, while those that for whatever reason don't find their way get no responses. Imagine for a moment that Fred was also on Jared's flight, and Fred's bike was similarly mangled. Just like Jared, Fred filed a claim with Air Canada. Just like Jared, Fred posted on his facetweet+ stream about the issue, but Fred has 7 followers, 8 if you could his Grandma who signed up for facetweet+ but never logs in. Fred's followers thought "Oh man, sucks to be Fred", but even if they reposted it, their 3 followers don't give a rat's ass about Fred or his stupid mountain bike that costs more than their car. While Jared's issue is now resolved and he'll get $8000 worth of repairs because some Air Canada VP with $100K signing authority wanted the problem to go away, I assure you that Fred's claim continues to be denied. So good for Jared, and I'm glad that he's being made whole, but I won't consider it a happy ending, or consider Air Canada absolved, until their process is updated to take care of Fred (and all the other Freds out there) too.

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