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Nov. 24, 2022, 11:39 a.m. -  ZigaK

I use procore because it's the only insert (that I know of) that prevents burping (well). Since converting to tubeless, I never had problems with snake bites, but did have problems with burping. Particularly on steep off-camber footpaths climbing up with as low tire pressure as possible. The mechanism of the procore is it puts pressure on the bed/edge of the tire and on to the rim, effectively holding the tire "prestressed" or squeezed between the rim and the inner tire. All other systems just put a "passive obstruction" to the bed of the tire lifting off the rim (for a lack of a better expression). Not trying to convince anyone about anything. Procore works for me, it has its drawbacks, one of them being it can damage rims, that is why I asked.

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