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June 20, 2015, 5:47 p.m. -  Hendo

#!markdown I find a lot of airlines already do this with skis. You check the skis on and they make you sign a damage waiver. It is often the small print on the fragile sticker they want to stick on the bag. I usually challenge them on this. I say "what is this for?" and the reply is usually first: "because the skis are not packed safely and could be damaged." To which I say "they are in a padded, purpose made ski bag, how are they not packed safely? Then they say "it is because the skis are fragile and could be broken easily." At which point I say: "I jump off cliffs using these skis (I don't, but it is fun to be dramatic). How are they fragile?" At this point, often, they give up. The fragile sticker does not go on, and I don't have to sign the damage waiver. If they do make me sign it I cross out the parts about them being inadequately packed, or fragile.

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