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Nov. 24, 2022, 3:52 a.m. -  Lynx .

While I don't have the $$$ for any frame in this price range, if I did, I'd have no problems laying down this sort of cash instead of probably $500-800 more for something from Yeti, Santa Cruz or the like. With the experience I've had through this life around rally/race cars, suspension/struts and bikes, I don't see this as anything risky in the least, I think that it will in fact be a very reliable design, but will wait to se the tear down and how simple, or complex it is - _once you can do your own regular seal service and maybe need to send it away every 3-4 years for internal/damper service, then I'm good._ I'm hoping and wishing Tim loads of success and that people will support an innovative small company, I'm especially looking forward to the short travel 29er, 120mm max, bit slacker STA and bit steeper HTA, same Reach, decent Stack around 630mm. Something Mike didn't mention, it's only a $200 upcharge to pick a custom anodizing colour of your choice over the stock black ano, I think that's a VERY cool and killer deal.

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