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Nov. 23, 2022, 5:58 p.m. -  Adrian White

Happy to see NSMB with a GG!  Looking to your thoughts and a long-term review in the future.   I've been delighted with my 2020 Smash.  It has been quite confidence inspiring on some of the steeper and gnarlier trails I've tackled in the Sea to Sky as well as the Coquitlam area.  I think they have a great product and back it with exceptional customer service.  I've experienced same day email responses when I was purchasing as well as post-purchase support.  A recent warranty claim was submitted on a Sunday and fully completed on the Wednesday with the part in the mail on Thursday.  I cannot ask for faster turnaround.  As for the custom builds, I agree with Dave that the options with the standard builds do not seem to allow of a fully custom build, however when I purchased my Smash after chatting with the service advisor I learned that you can always ask for whatever component you want and they will work to accommodate.  My example is that I wanted a MRP Ribbon Coil, but only the Air option was available on their site.  They sourced one for me. I would recommend GG as a company and bike to anyone who is shopping for something different from a small, cool company.

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