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Nov. 23, 2022, 4:57 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

That’s been my experience with ENVE M60 which were said to be super harsh. Reserves feel the same to me as do my WAO Union  wheels. But I only weigh 140 and a bit. I can run EXO 2.5 tires at 15-17 psi. I would think for heavier riders that might be different.  These new rims look good. The design makes sense. But I am skeptical of strength claims. Got zero issues with my rims so I don’t need nothing stronger. Stronger than strong enough. Stiffer than it doesn’t flex now. I’m sure some riders need more strength than I do. I’m not that hard on stuff.  I can’t tell the difference between so called compliant or stiff handlebars either. All the same to me. Again, I’m light, I have soft tires, lots of fork travel and 740 width bars. I like big soft grips so compliant bars seem silly to me. People claiming more compliant rims give them better traction I think have convinced themselves of this. Not many people that spend big bucks on something will claim it wasn’t worth it.

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