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Nov. 23, 2022, 7:11 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

I applaud the design + innovation, but my potential customer brain shut off as soon as I got to computing proprietary shock. It's essentially a bike nobody is asking for.  If I had a pile of $$ I wanted to use to start a bike company I'd shoot for: * MUSA/MCAN * metal * simple/efficient design with all off the shelf parts * modern geo and some tweaking options like flip chips * easy to maintain/service * light enough not to be objectionable * no weird/fancy features * long model upgrades/new design cycles * lots of sizing options * lots of colour options * several build kit options * make some specific one click bikes that are very value oriented * up charge for choosing options * make buying parts/spares easy * provide useful tech docs for download Basically GG in their metal phase. They fought for that hill. Raised their flag on it and then left it to focus on carbon. Although on the surface the bikes aren't going to look super innovative/techy making all this ^^ happen in a cost effective way with domestic manufacturing has lots of interesting challenges, but it also provides something beneficial that the market wants...a domestically manufactured bike frame that doesn't cost $$$$ and that's easy to keep running a long time. Providing options that cost more let the folks that have money to burn tweak their bikes and allow the company areas to make more profit.

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