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Nov. 22, 2022, 11:50 p.m. -  danithemechanic

If it was a commuter bike we're speaking of, i would perform a torque-pressure-align check and off it goes. But this is not the comparable version of an utility car: these bikes are the prized, hard earned possessions of an individual seeking for outdoor activity past time and fun. The main goal as a mechanic these days is providing the right amount of service and make it last as long as the components allows given the riding time of the user. To me serviceability is everything, and if you don't pull it apart from new you won't catch potential problems until, well, they become problems. Your brilliant series "Teardown" does just this and i think it is the most useful piece of journalism for the potential buyer. When a friend was reviewing wheels for another magazine, i used to tell him to tear those hubs down, because wheel reviews all read the same but if you tear those hubs you can truly tell wich is better sealed, has the biggest bearings, is a plain joke, ... The same can be done with every "hidden" part of a bike, wich in the ends plays a huge role in the life of it. This is a general consideration, i don't mean to pick againts GG or this review.

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