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Nov. 22, 2022, 2:47 p.m. -  Andrew Major

They look thick (18mm) but there’s none of the axle/bearing bulge that some folks really dislike from other resin pedals. Like the Waveform they’re listed as being concave but the actual concavity is such that they feel very neutral underfoot. I’m riding them very mid foot. Grip is good, not on the level of these Wolf Tooth flats or my Daemons but totally usable and I don’t use the stickiest shoes generally (will visit this in my piece). The platform is on the larger size of one size fits most (almost like it was planned to be the larger of two options, but not so large that I can be certain that’s the case). More on that too. Thickness is a key discussion. Even with my bike being very low and having ridden much thinner pedals like the WahWah 2 it’s not something I notice at all on the trail. Hope that’s helpful!

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