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Nov. 22, 2022, 4:07 a.m. -  cxfahrer

Every technical device should work as intended when bought new. Be it a car, a bicycle or a lawnmower. I never fuss with any part when it is not obviously wrong (like no oil on chain, or brakes not aligned, or cables too long) - if I can fix that, ok - but else? 5 year warranty. Quite a while ago the last time I bought a new bike (YT), and everything was perfect from the start and still is (except the E13 parts) and no bearings or wheels went out of order. No regreasing or wheel truing (except after that double I cased). There is not that much magic to it. I never use a pressure washer, maybe once a year I hose it off. Must look dirty else it's no mtb. When selling a bike to a customer I appreciate your view, but as that customer I would expect a perfect bike after paying the listed price and not extra.

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