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Nov. 21, 2022, 10:19 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Doombars, Oddity, Endless Bike Co (Kick Ass Cogs), Paul Comp, and on and on. I’ve never seen anyone try to put any sort of definitive list. Tune always comes to mind as they’ve been doing their thing forever which is making insanely lightweight bike components. I’ve never owned or tested anything of theirs. … I came across Lazarus as one of a collection of Ukrainian manufacturers who were raising money to defend their country when another neat manufacturer I’ve followed for years, **[Raketa](** (from Russia) boosted them in solidarity.  Sorry in advance if this is me being too preachy or not adequately respecting a wall of mountain-bike-websites-as-entertainment-only but what the Russian government is doing to Ukraine, never mind their own citizenry, is awful and there’s all but nothing that individuals elsewhere can do about it other than show support. So I picked up a couple stem caps and link to Lazarus in case anyone else feels inclined to go down that rabbit hole and do the same. And yeah, I know, it’s just a stem cap.  ![](

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