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Nov. 21, 2022, 9:01 a.m. -  Justin White

Nah, pretty similar architecture. The green thing (and they come in black, so they might look "missing" sometimes even if they're not) _is_ the axle end cap, and definitely captures the axle fixing bolt. On both designs, it's only protective, and only touches the pedal body on both designs, thus does nothing to hold the pedal on. Indeed, it should keep the bolt from completely unscrewing off the axle , so yes, the pedal would get very loose before it fell off, but I've heard more horror stories of the Atlas's 3mm bolt breaking than of it disappearing. So yeah, maybe the external end cap on the OG Atlas is prone to get bashed off*, but even an internal end-cap that does stay put isn't going to add any strength to the axle fixing bolt. *(one of my pedals has messed up threads there from the endcap getting hit, so I just crank that endcap back in and it's been there for years. Cross-threading > loc-tite?)

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