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Nov. 17, 2022, 7:43 a.m. -  jslaidlaw

Thanks so much for including the silky on your list. I've always wanted someone to do a review of folding saws. More of us need to be carrying them. Where I live, in Idaho, we rely heavily on the motorized community to clear all of our trails. Ironically, a lot of mountain bikers look down upon the mottos and can give them a bit of flack out on the trail. Drives me nuts. More of us need to do our share to keep these valuable resources open and usable. I've had the big boy for years and it is an absolute weapon. I still ride with a hip pack quite a bit. I strap the big boy to my top tube using old school Velcro Alpine ski straps. You can put the foam part between the saw and your frame to protect your frame and it holds it nice and securely. I've ridden a lot of rowdy trails and have never had it come off. The big boy is an absolute must in the tunnel bag of the sled, as well. When you end up wrapping your snowmobile around a small tree, unfortunately, sometimes the only way out is to take the tree down.

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