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Nov. 17, 2022, 7:18 a.m. -  Jason Bushey

I have one experience with a Katanaboy that I borrowed from our local trail org to clear a trail that was around 18" in diameter that I figured the Katana would be perfect for.  About a 1/4 way through the tree we switched to the Big Boy which actually was more efficient and we cleared it in about 15 minutes with 4 people taking turns. The blade on the Katana was thicker but still flexed more making it bound up easier than the big boy.  It also was a bit harder to move around the tree.  Also the Katana was hard to carry on a bike or in pack.  From there I decided that I don't need a Katana.  I feel they are best for people in wilderness areas that cannot use chainsaws.  But for me if the tree is that big, a chainsaw is preferred anyways.

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