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Nov. 16, 2022, 6:33 a.m. -  Glenn Bergevin

I'm a steel guy, just from a practicality, budget, value perspective, but I'm lusting after Ti right now, thinking I may give it a try next year... At the end of the day, did you notice any real difference in ride between bikes? Lots of mythology and marketing goes with Ti... But it's also just metal. That said, tube profiles, diameters, etc, that are differentiatiors between the Ti and steel frames could definitely influence feel. I find weight is something you notice hoisting the bike off the rack or stand, feels good in the first quick sprint up to speed on the trail... Then I forget about. Wheels are different, light wheels feel great and it takes a while for that sheen to wear off, but straight bike weight... My bikes lose a pound every ride as I drink my water and I never notice.

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