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Nov. 14, 2022, 6:37 p.m. -  ohio

I'm kind of surprised at the spring rates needed with this shock. I run an EXT on my Spec Enduro, and at 75kg I'm running a 425\# or 450\# - and the 450\# ends up very lively, running almost no preload. Granted you're 86kg but just extrapolating the 550\# would be enough on the EXT for you. Curious what about the damper gives it less support... maybe that bladder, but the shaft size should give it an air pressure boost. Or maybe just lighter comp valving. In either case, seems like a tough sell in north america vs a custom valved EXT, a DVO that's easily tuned at half the price, or a new Rockshox Superdeluxe which sounds really good also at half the price, and maybe even less as they show up used or oversupplied to the aftermarket.

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