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Nov. 9, 2022, 1:01 p.m. -  SuspensionLab_JonoChurch

The problem with Yoke-driven shocks isn't really just alignnment, its that they usually remove any lateral compliance in the eyelet, as well as increasing the length which makes it more susceptible to buckling moments. Coil shocks can make it worse because the spring itself is also try to buckle when compressed (unless its a Push Hypercoil - \*plug plug\*). Also, whats with people reviewing coil shocks and not using different springs?! Would you test an air shock and never adjust the pressure? I know its not always straightforward but thats fundamental stuff. Apart from that whinge, its a pretty good review - I haven't ridden one but got to spend a day running one on the dyno and came up with very similar conclusions. Apparently they are starting to ship with a firmer rebound tune too as I posed the question when I discovered the very light valving there as well.  I really like the CTS system - it strikes a nice balance of performing well enough to make it worth changing, but the parts and procedure is simple and easy to do without fear of ruining the piston

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