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Nov. 8, 2022, 7:34 p.m. -  Kenny

I think in the context of the enduro's suspension layout, that might be true.  On other layouts like the stumpy, Revel. Etc where there's a much longer yoke and it's driven from the top of the rear triangle/seat stays, how well it's lined up sitting there static on the shop floor doesn't mean much.  Dynamically, everything flexes as you load up the suspension and you'll get side loading regardless.  I have a Revel which has a fairly long yoke, maybe not quite as long as a stumpy, but they recommend coil shocks with larger shafts, like dvo or push.  These shocks have shafts more in the 14mm diameter range as opposed to 10mm  ish as seem on fox, formula. Etc.  IMO running one of these small shafted shocks on a bike like the stumpy Evo or revel is just asking for trouble, regardless of how well the alignment checks out unloaded. It's kinda irrelevant.

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