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Nov. 8, 2022, 9:23 a.m. -  Distrakted

I will have to 2nd the DVO props. After spending a fortune trying to keep my X2 in working order on my Spec Enduro I decided I wanted something easy to service as a home mechanic.  I have had quite a few bikes with various coil and air shocks over the years but out of all of them it was a custom Push tuned Fox DHX 5.0 back in the mid 2000's  that had that  just do everything right magic feel. On a hunch that no amount of shiny knobs or euro exotica could make up for a poor shim stack tune, I purchased a DVO Jade X for serviceability and ease of tuning.  Out of the box, the stock compression tune was way too light even for a light rider. That being said, shims are cheap and the shock is so easily serviceable that I was able to work out a great feeling tune relatively quickly. Simple, reliable, inexpensive to purchase and maintain and just feels great out in the woods.

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