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Nov. 8, 2022, 6:49 a.m. -  Kenny

When I see a review come up of a product I've owned and had issues with, I'm always curious to give it a read and see if my bullshit detector starts blaring as some media Weiner praises some part I fully know is far from flawless.  So credit where credit is due here, I agree all around.  My mod came stock on a frame I bought new and I had all of these issues. The "screech" when locked out was insane and alba was not able to fix it. I've heard there's another fix available but I since sold the bike.  I also needed about a 600lb spring but felt by about 550 the rebound was maxed out. It also made a slight sort of "clunk" when initially compressed, unless the compression was set wide open.  I also generally concluded that it might be better for lighter riders, at least in stock form. That said a DVO jade has a larger shaft, approved for yoke style suspensions, and HSC adjustable from a dial, and it's nearly half the price. Sooo... Yeah. I'm sure it can be made to run nice but you won't see one of these on any of my bikes again any time soon.  Anyways really appreciate the accurate and thorough review.

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